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Donation requests are to be submitted via email to the below email address. All requests are reviewed at the end of each month, of those a few are selected for fulfillment. Please note, due to the volume of requests, we cannot fulfill or respond to them all. You will be notified by mail if your request for a ticket donation is approved. Please submit your request 60 days prior to an event for proper consideration.

As an alternative, you may purchase tickets in quantities of 10 or more at a discounted rate of 7.50 each. These tickets may be purchased and then re-sold at a higher price as a designated fundraiser. To purchase tickets please send a self addressed stamped envelope Attn: Purchase Tickets 917 College Ave. Santa Rosa, CA 95404. Please include the quantity requested and a contact number in the case we have questions about your order.

To begin your request, please click: [email protected]

Thank you for choosing Santa Rosa Entertainment Group.  We appreciate your efforts to make this a happier and healthier world..